The world's most comfortable brand of medical compression is now in Canada

LIPOELASTIC prides itself on delivering high-quality medical-grade compression garments that provide functionality and comfort without compromising on style. 

All LIPOELASTIC garments are handcrafted using only ethically-sourced materials and feature Class II compression levels (20-30mmHg).

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Compression leggings

Compression therapy helps to prevent swelling of the legs and creation of cellulite caused by water retention in the body. Our ACTIVE Leggings may also help to reduce the symptoms of lipedema and provide relief to patients suffering from diseases of the lymphatic system.

ACTIVE Leggings

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OEKO-TEX certification guarantees the absence of harmful substances and the quality and safety of all of our products. All our garments are latex-free.

ISO 13485:2016

LIPOELASTIC products are manufactured in a production facility which meets quality management requirements for ISO 13485.


LIPOELASTIC products meet the requirements of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and are authorized to use the CE mark.