What is BBL surgery and how does it work?

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a specialized fat transfer surgery reshaping the buttocks without implants. The procedure starts with liposuction of various areas of the body such as the hips, stomach, or thighs, and a portion of the fat is then purified and injected into the buttocks. BBL surgery is usually performed under sedation or general anaesthetics. Both liposuction and fat transfer incisions are closed with stitches and then secured with a compression garment.


Meet Jessica and her BBL surgery journey 

Jessica decided to undergo a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in November 2020. Having a medical background, she understands the whole process very well. She also understands the importance of aftercare and that is why LIPOELASTIC is thrilled to announce that Jessica has become our BBL specialist and brand ambassador. Read her story.

"I was always self-conscious of my body and even more after having children. I did not feel confident and hardly ever used the full-length mirror. One day I came to a decision I needed to work on myself. Even though I loved being a mom to my two children, I wanted to feel like a woman again. Today I am a happy size 10, in love with clothes shopping again and with my full-length mirror too!" 

"Looking back, I wish there were clear and more accessible information. I also wish that the BBL was not such a secret community. (I understand the reasons behind it). Therefore, I chose to stay in the community to help other dolls and hopefully make their journeys easier. Here are my personal tips for anyone considering the BBL surgery”.


1. Don’t rush it

Following your surgeon's advice is crucial. Due to my work duties, I could not avoid driving and I sat for long periods using my BBL pillow. I also did not eat an exactly healthy balanced diet because I was just too busy. If you plan a BBL surgery, try taking at least a week off. It also helps if you have a family member or a friend around to help you with your everyday tasks. These might seem like little things but are very important to recover properly.


2. Cost of the aftercare

People recover differently and you might need to spend some money on that. The MLD massages might not end at the 10th appointment, and you might need more than one compression garment. Please, do your research and find the right MLD therapist. As for the compression garments/fajas, ideally, go for the medical-grade compression and if your body type is not standard, get bespoke. The surgery is not easy or cheap so try not to cut corners when it comes to aftercare.


3. Know the stages of recovery

It will come in handy if you know there are different stages of recovery. Swelling, bruising, and itching are completely normal. And remember, recovery takes time. Dolls tend to be overwhelmed because what they see in the mirror does not meet their immediate expectation. Each body recovers differently and requires different treatment at the time.


4. Be aware of early signs of complication

With BBL surgery, there is a possibility of experiencing complications during recovery. The common ones are seroma, fibrosis, and necrosis. Please, read up on these so you know what causes it, how to prevent it, and how to treat it. This can save you from further recovery costs and further surgery. Prevention is key!


5. Be prepared for positive/negative feedback

Try to be mindful of the reception you may get from your friends and family. You will be surprised. Just remember the reasons why you decided on the surgery. Be happy, and do not let anyone affect your mental health. You went on this journey for you. Enjoy it!



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