Compression garments you can adjust? Choose VARIANT!

100 people 100 likings. That’s why LIPOELASTIC® offers over 80 styles of compression garments with 3 different types of fastening. Who is the fastening with hooks and eyes suitable for and what are the advantages of variable fastening in abdomen area? It’s good for anybody who does not have regular body shape. If sizes of operated body areas vary, it’s very easy to adjust hooks and eyes fastening to desired volume around tummy. Then you achieve the required compression in every part after your surgery. Another advantage of VARIANT fastening is an easy adjustment of compression during the recovery period, when swelling subsides and your body is getting into new shape.

LIPOELASTIC offers VARIANT fastening with 3 rows of hooks and eyes for all post-operative pants.

1) Suitable for person with different body part sizes

A typical example is a woman going for tummy, hips and thighs liposuction. Her body has size S in one part, but size M in other parts. How to determine which size to choose? When you choose compression garment VARIANT fastening, it will allow you to tighten smaller area and expand around larger areas without compromising on an important compression.

2) Easy adjustments during recovery period

After every surgery, body tissue is distressed and naturally swells. The swelling subsides gradually, but you still need right compression to promote healing process. VARIANT with hooks and eyes fastening allows adjusting the right size and the right compression.

3) Three rows of hooks and eyes

All LIPOELASTIC® garments with VARIANT fastening come with 3 rows of hooks and eyes in the abdomen area, so you can expand the fastening up to 3 cm. Our garments are designed in cooperation with specialists to achieve the best comfort for patients. 


Do you want to know how easy it is to put garment with hooks and eyes fastening on?


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