Why LIPOELASTIC® compression garments?

The success of any plastic surgery is reliant upon not only the skill of the surgeon, but also the quality of aftercare; compression therapy forms a large part of this process and is crucial for satisfactory healing. Wearing the correct garment post-operatively is proven to speed up the healing process and minimize swelling and bruising, as well as reducing pain. For this reason, compression garments are an important part of the surgery. Patients wearing compression garments after plastic surgery have been reported to have more satisfactory results.

Post-operative compression garments help to keep muscles in place after the procedure and eliminate swelling caused by possible accumulation of fluid. The right pressure and support is essential, so when looking for the correct garment, be sure to look out for all factors: the fit, comfort, shape, pressure and sizing chart.

Patients are significantly less mobile after surgery. For this reason, LIPOELASTIC® compression garments offer different types of fastening to meet patients’ needs. All of our garments were designed upon the specific request of top specialists in their field. They are manufactured to make it easy to put on and wear; they can be worn throughout the entire recovery period without causing discomfort or interrupting any activity or daily living.

We have been expertly manufacturing compression post-op garments for decades and are constantly developing and moving forward with new designs and innovations. 


  • Handcrafted products
  • Certified materials
  • EU produced fabrics and components
  • Bespoke (made to measure) garments
  • Flat seam technology
  • Seamless heat-moulded cups